Custom Designed Swimming Pools Pt Lonsdale

The team can build any shape or sized custom designed pool for you.  Because the pool is made from concrete, it is easy to custom shape to fit into any space in your backyard. With such a great array of options in relation to finishes such as glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, or natural stone a custom designed swimming pool can be one of the best features you make for your Pt Lonsdale home. There are several ways we can customise your pool, this can include wading areas, step layouts, fountains and amazing external landscaping which can be discussed fully in the design stage.

Inground Swimming Pools for Point Lonsdale

We install concrete inground swimming pools.  Mostly due to the ability to custom design and shape but also because of the durability of an inground concrete pool.  Whilst there will be some excavation involved in getting your inground pool built the way it will integrate with you indoor outdoor living is worth it.  An inground pool will merge with your landscape and create a truly luxurious feel to your Pt Lonsdale backyard.

We are Pt Lonsdale’s In-Floor Cleaning Pool Specialist

By integrating in floor self-cleaning technology into your swimming pool during construction, the system is essentially hidden and virtually invisible. This creates more ambiance to your overall landscape and pool design.   When installed correctly an in-floor cleaning system can save you hours of maintenance, which means there is more time to enjoy your pool.

Concrete Swimming Pools Point Lonsdale

The ability to highly customise a concrete swimming pool is important when considering you backyard space.  A concrete pool allows your wildest dreams to become a possibility. We can customise to your exact specifications and space constraints creating an amazing feature.

Tiled Swimming Pools in Point Lonsdale

A fully tiled pool is regarded as the premium finish for your concrete pool.  There are many options now available from a design perspective that you can select to really make your pool the feature of your Pt Lonsdale home. Tiled concrete pools also protects the gel coat of the pool from the hot Pt Lonsdale summer sun and protects your bathers for snags. 

Jay and Sam can install a beautiful, tiled pool using glass tiles, which have high resistance to mould, mildew, and pool chemicals or one of the many options available such a mosaic, stone and split options which can be discussed further when you meet with the boys to work out the best option, for your individual circumstance.

Mineral Swim Pools Pt Lonsdale

Pt Lonsdale it is the ideal location to install a mineral swimming pool by Meytronics.  Mineral Swimming pools are a gentle, healthier alternative to a traditional salt or chlorinated pool.

The water is softer, and people often feel that the water has a gentler and silky feel on the body and eyes.  This is because a mineral pool swaps out most of the salt in a traditional pool and swaps it for a combination of salts and minerals.  At the heart of most mineral pools is magnesium. Our preferred supplier uses 100% Dead Sea magnesium rich minerals to create a crystal clear and therapeutic swimming pool.  Due to the way magnesium reacts with the water it works to prevent calcium build-up on pool components and surfaces which reduces your long-term maintenance costs too.

Do you want your outdoor dreams in Pt Lonsdale to become a reality?

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