Custom Designed Swimming Pools Ocean Grove

With over 30 years’ experience, our team can build any shape or sized custom designed pool for you.  Because the pool is made from concrete, we can easily shape to fit any space and with a great array of options in relation to finishes such as glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic or natural stone a custom designed swimming pool can be one of the best investments you make not only for your home but the lifestyle it provides.

Concrete Swimming Pools Ocean Grove

Concrete swimming pools are considered the most versatile method of building a swimming pool as you can create a truly unique and stunning design tailored to your Ocean Grove backyard.  By choosing a concrete swimming pool you can customise it to your exact specifications and space constraints.  A well-maintained concrete pool lasts for years and provides family fun for a lifetime.

Ocean Grove’s In Floor Cleaning Pool Specialist

If your swimming pool is to be the focal point of your backyard, an in floor cleaning system is worth considering. By integrating in floor self-cleaning technology into your swimming pool during construction, the system is essentially hidden and virtually invisible.  When installed correctly in floor cleaning saves hours of maintenance so there will be no need to spend hours cleaning your pools. You can lay back and enjoy your Ocean Grove lifestyle.

Ocean Grove Tiled Swimming Pools

When deciding on what type of pool to install a fully tiled pool is a great choice. Jay and the team can install a beautiful, tiled pool that is easier to keep clean than a cement based rendered pools that uses pebblecrete. Glass tiles, have a high resistance to mould, mildew and pool chemicals and with expertise in design Surf Coast Pools can help you select the best finish for your concrete tiled pool.

Mineral Swim Pools Ocean Grove

Living in Ocean Grove is the ideal location to install a mineral swimming pool.  Our preferred mineral pool system is from Maytronics.  This system uses 100% Dead Sea magnesium rich minerals combined with a natural ozone to oxygen water purification technology to create a gentle, healthier alternative to traditional salt or chlorinated pools.

Containing magnesium, a mineral swimming pool is said to help assist in maintaining a healthy body.

The water is softer, and people often feel that the water has a gentler and silky feel on the body and eyes.

Mineral pools have a slightly higher upfront cost.  However, you will recover this cost quite quickly as there are less ongoing monthly costs due to the reduced chemical usage when compared to a chlorine or salt pool.  A mineral swimming pool will also save you time, money and energy on a monthly basis.

Inground Swimming Pools for Ocean Grove

Our inground swimming pools are custom designed for your backyard. We design, build, and can landscape the area around the pool. There are a number of ways we can customise your pool.   Wading areas are great for small children and specific step designs can create a great way to enter and exit your pool and can also create an interesting visual effect.

Do you want your outdoor dreams in Ocean Grove to become a reality?

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