Geelong Tiled Swimming Pools

Tiling a pool has long been regarded as the premium finish for an inground pool.  Tiled pools are easier to clean than rendered surfaces, they protect the pool and your bathers, and tiles come in such an array of designs and colours you can personalise your pool in some amazing ways.

Jay and the team can help you select the best option for your Geelong backyard and with over 30 years’ experience they have a wealth of recommendations that can help you make the best choice for your Geelong backyard.

Mineral Swim Pools Geelong

Do you keep hearing lots about mineral swimming pools?  So why all the hype.  Well, the water is softer, and people often feel that the water has a gentler and silky feel on their bodies and eyes.  Because a mineral pool swaps out most of the salt in a traditional pool and replaces it with a combination of salts and minerals it feels good to swim in.  We use ozone mineral swim from Maytroniccs.  This pumps oxygen into the water combined with magnesium which reacts with the water to prevent calcium build-up on pool components and surfaces which will reduce your long-term maintenance costs.

In Geelong mineral pools do have a slightly higher upfront cost, but you will recover this cost quite quickly as there are less ongoing monthly costs due to the reduced chemical usage when comparing to a chlorine or salt pool.

Inground Swimming Pools for Geelong

Our inground swimming pools are custom designed for your backyard. We design, build, and can landscape the area around the pool. When designing an inground concrete swimming pool it is important to work with the functional requirements and layout that’s been shaped to work with your backyard.  An inground pool will provide that streamlined look modern properties are after when designed with your surrounds in mind.

Custom Designed Swimming Pools Geelong

We can easily customise your pool design for you.  Through a detailed design consultation, and because the pool is made from concrete, we can shape and fit your pool into almost any space. And with so many options in relation to finishes such as glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, or natural stone a custom designed swimming pool can make an amazing design statement in your home.

Concrete Swimming Pools Geelong

We can create a truly unique and stunning design tailored to your Geelong backyard by installing a concrete swimming pool.  With a concrete swimming pool, we can customise to your exact specifications and space constraints, and you are only limited by your creativity and budget.  With over 30 years’ experience we have designed and installed many unique pools and would love to talk to you about your dreams.

Geelong In Floor Cleaning Pool Specialist

By integrating in floor self-cleaning technology into your swimming pool during construction, the system is essentially hidden and virtually invisible.

Your swimming pool is usually the focal point of your backyard, and an in floor cleaning system will remove the need for a creepy crawly or having pool scoops and other cleaning paraphernalia lying around. When installed correctly in floor cleaning saves hours of maintenance so you get to enjoy time in the pool not working on it!

Do you want your outdoor dreams in Geelong to become a reality?

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